Nikolai Kraneis – paintings, sketches and drawings

I am a painter living in Bad Belzig. My subjects are classic and urban landscapes, wildlife art and still lifes.

  • Belzig, 30x30cm
    Belzig, 30x30cm
  • Landscape Darss, 70x80cm
    Landscape Darss, 70x80cm
  • Baitz, 30x40cm
    Baitz, 30x40cm
  • Stubble field, 100x100cm, oil
    Stubble field, 100x100cm, oil
  • Street in Belzig, Sketchbook
    Street in Belzig, Sketchbook
  • Castellaro in Liguria, 30x40cm
    Castellaro in Liguria, 30x40cm
  • Lake in Uckermark, 40x40cm, oil
    Lake in Uckermark, 40x40cm, oil
  • Castellaro in Liguria, 40x30cm
    Castellaro in Liguria, 40x30cm
  • Dusty road, 40x50cm, oil
    Dusty road, 40x50cm, oil

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